“Hafilat” factory based in Abu Dhabi city in the United Arab Emirates, was established in 2006, is specialized in European-quality buses manufactured and used in the manufacture of Steel or aluminium used in aircraft and heavy trucks and cars with high performance industry, manufactures a variety of passenger buses sizes and different types of them (low-floor urban buses articulated, and Double Decker buses as well as buses that operate compressed gas and electric power), in addition to other private uses of the bus, which also specializes in the refurbishment of old buses, and convert buses to specialized buses (library buses, mobile court bus, ambulance bus, finance and traffic awareness buss and much more), and has since its inception, manufactures many different types of buses for the internal market in the UAE and the Arab Gulf region.

Looking into the future, Hafilat commits to provide the customers with the best operation solution to increase customer profit gain. Led by the professional operation to become stronger in bus field, we try to meet the customer requirements from domestic and overseas rapidly with market-oriented concept. We hope that Hafilat could become the best domestic bus manufacturer and international famous bus enterprise after a very successful year recently.

Technologies/Special Know-how:

Hafilat Manufacturing System
Using the ‘tried and true’ manufacturing system, Hafilat Buses boast a unique aluminium body design that features specially moulded channel extrusions and bolted gussets, creating faultless joints and consequently a more robust structure.

The Swiss developed manufacturing system is Known as “Co-Bolt®”

This manufacturing methodology is one of the secrets to our success story, and the reason for its implementation in over 20,000 buses worldwide. In transport applications, the continuous vibration and stress due to dynamic loading are severely detrimental to regular welded joints, causing them to falter and fail. The bolted system eliminates this problem and results in enhanced joint life.

Meticulous attention to detail within the design and manufacturing stages translates into Hafilat built bodies that offer greater reliability and less vehicle downtime.

Quality and versatility are important staples in our work and production ethos. We also understand that each client has a unique set of requirements governing their operating locations. Hence, Hafilat is prepared to cater to these requirements with tailor- made offerings, including double and single deck city buses, school buses, intercity coaches, touring coaches and other specialist vehicles.

The Competitive Edge

By utilising both the aluminium body and gusseted joint system along with a host of high quality structural materials and cutting- edge technology, Hafilat buses bring forth world class solutions that ensure every bus body is structurally strong, corrosion- resistant, easily maintained and above all- comprehensively safe.

The Aluminium Advantage

Apart from being an Industry staple in heavy- duty trucking, aircrafts and high performance cars, aluminium’s qualities make it a superior choice for the Bus transport industry.

Enhanced flexibility is also an important physical trait of aluminium, allowing it to be extruded into a myriad of complex shapes that provides strong structural integrity and intricate designs. The meagre weight of aluminium translates into buses that are up to 400 kilograms lighter than steel counterparts.

It is no secret that aluminium trumps steel in numerous industry- specific applications, making it the material of choice for the fleets of some of the world’s biggest companies including KMB Hong Kong, Grenda Australia and Comfort Delgro in Singapore.


Safety is a prime Concern at Hafilat, an aspect we hold in higher regard than any other factor. This grain of thought has led to a considerable investment in safety at all stages, starting from the factory floor.

In this capacity, Hafilat invests heavily in numerous avenues spanning floor space, equipment and information technology, However, the biggest investment remains centred around our people- a highly trained select group of individuals that continue to push the envelope in terms of research, design, manufacture, Quality and Support with the main objective to build a High Quality and Safe Product.

It is this firm commitment to impeccable safety that has made the Volgren design and Hafilat manufacturing process a global method and a product of international standards.

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